Learning Support & Enrichment Programmes

Is your son interested in Sports, Arts, Journalism? Does your daughter have a natural gift for singing, a flair for writing, or a surprising love for mathematics? Can’t make up your mind which classes to sign up in? Send your child to our enrichment classes. See below for details.

  • Patrick Oh



    Ages 6 - 12

    • To understand the importance of safe and positive practices such as Cyber Wellness (CW) and protection against cyber-bullying.
    • To be exposed to local primary educational media software tools (eg: Scratch, iMotion and iMovie)
    Content overview
    • Introduction to Stop Animation and Storyboarding
    • Storyboarding for project
    • Props Design and creation
    • Start of Project with frame by frame shoot
    • Basic of Video Editing
    • Introduction to Cyberwellness
    • Positive and negative impacts of Social Media and recognizing cyberbullying

  • Math Boot Camp

    Ages 6 - 12

    • To encourage the ability to write, take photos, and put content online.
    • To introduce the use of a free online blog platform.
    • To allow the exploration of the skill of doing simple layouts for the PDF versions making use of Scribus, the free and open source layout appliciton available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.
    Content overview
    • Students will be encouraged to distinguish between fact and opinion.
    • They will be able to craft their own editorial piece by doing relevant research and conducting an interview.
    • They will be able to handle a camera equipment and its support accessories and learn the essential principles and elements of good composition, lighting, and framing.
    • They will learn to edit images/videos and put together all elements for content.

  • Whole Brain Learning

    Ages 6 - 12

    • Learn the foundations of Street Dance.
    • Develop their talents, physical health, cognitive and social skills.
    • Learn the values of commitment, perseverance, patience, endurance, discipline, among others.
    • Improve their level of confidence.
    • Appreciate social activities.
    • Develop their focus and self-confidence.
    • Have a fun and memorable school break.
    Content overview
    • Locking
    • Popping
    • Hip Hop
    • House