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HFSE uses a self developed curriculum that caters to all nationalities. We are continuously enhancing our curriculum and seek to adopt the best practices amongst recognized and established systems. We are using the Singapore English and Mathematics syllabus for families who intend to go back to the mainstream education system.

Currently, HFSE offers Filipino Language as we started with the Filipino community. In the case of any non-Filipino student who has opted not to undertake the language module, he/she must present an alternative language course taken outside of HFSE system.

HFSE is in partnership with Planet J Learning Centre to provide after school care services and private tutorial services. It is located at 99A Soo Chow Walk, S575384.HFSE students are entitled to a discounted rate if they opt to sign up for PJLC student care services.

Our dedicated educational rock stars have been diligently preparing to introduce CCAs soon and we have already started a sports clinic. We are planning to offer more CCAs which will be optional for students in the near future.

HFSE curriculum was developed to prepare students to sit for the AEIS (Admission Exam for International Students). This initiative was implemented in order to provide more options for immigrant families living in Singapore.

Based on our experience, we have students who have migrated to other countries (ie. New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Philippines) and the normal enrolment procedure is for the student to pass the entry examination offered by the prospective school of their choice in the respective country they are migrating to. HFSE will provide all necessary documents including Transcript of Records (TOR), Report Cards, Certificate of Attendance, Certificate of Completion and Good Moral Character. In the event that additional documentation or testimonials are required by the prospective schools, HFSE will provide assistance with that as well.

No, as we do not have a EduTrust certification. However, please approach our principal for any further advice.

HFSE is currently on its first year of registration. There are different stages to attain the EduTrust certification which eventually will make HFSE eligible to apply for Student Pass. The normal processing years are around 4-5 years.

HFSE has engaged the services of Sunway Transportation for our school bus requirements. They provide school bus services student’s nearest pick up location at home to HFSE International School. Transportation fees vary from distance.

HFSE currently caters to students from Primary One to Six.

Yes, we are just establishing all our systems in place and plans for additional satellite centers are in the pipeline.

Yes, we are still doing our research and assessment to prepare our school to offer these levels. The target year in which we have in mind to launch preschool and secondary school courses is 2020.

Definitely yes as we gear up to reach out to more families in need of affordable education. HFSE is open to all those interested to invest. If you would like to know more on how you can help HFSE continue its advocacy, please send an email of interest to

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