Our Mission, Vision and Virtues

Our Mission, Vision and Virtues

Our Mission & Vision

Happy Mission

Creating Global Citizens Marking An HFSEan Difference

HFSE International School provides children with the essential knowledge and skills to become a valuable member of and to contribute positively to the community they are in. We ensure that students are equipped with the relevant and necessary proficiencies to attain individual success. By providing a harmonious, safe and conducive learning environment, our objective is to educate students to allow them to have a better understanding of the world.

First Choice of Global Migrating Families

HFSE International School aims to be the first choice for foreign expatriate families when selecting a school for their children as we explore the world as one Happy Family.

Our HFSEan Virtues

As we create global citizens, we are working together towards the basic Christian virtues of FAITH, HOPE and LOVE. We believe that this has been a crucial foundation for every child to learn and instill in themselves as they grow up.

The TRUST, RESPECT and COMMITMENT that the HFSEan parents, our ultimate partners in the child’s learning journey, together with our HFSEan dream team has bestowed upon our school has helped to continue our advocacy helping each child succeed, one HAPPY FAMILY at a time.

We believe that the tandem character of RESILIENCE that the community who formed HFSE with the DISCIPLINE that the Singapore community has taught us, we truly believe that our little HFSEans will truly make that difference globally!

The HFSEan Culture

HFSE International School, is bound to create a Happy Family and a School of Excellence.

Our programme in line with our mission to create global citizens is to ensure and inculcate to every HFSEan the culture of positivity and personal excellence. The best competition is with oneself alone, becoming better than you were before. An HFSEan, we live by example to each member of our community.

A life served for others is a life well lived.

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