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HFSE International School, previously known as Happy Family School of Excellence, was established in November 2015 when a group of friends realised the need for a stable and loving environment to be set up where the children can be nurtured and educated. Under the devoted guidance of professional and trained teachers, students at HFSE International School are provided with the perfect conditions to blossom into colourful and all-rounded individuals.

Raising a family is a daunting and challenging task made even more difficult in circumstances whereby both parents are working. We believe that every child deserves to learn and develop in a secure environment, and under the care and encouragement of our teachers and staff, students who pass through the halls of our school develop into confident and happy children.

As we continue to expand our Happy Family in sunny Singapore, we are grateful for the support of our current students and parents, and we invite more to join us. It is not the destination that is most important, as we eventually travel on different paths as individual families, but the journey that counts. Let’s create happy memories and experiences that will forever stay in our hearts and minds.

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